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Encore Revive Deluxe Vacuum Erection System

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Encore Deluxe Battery & Manual Vacuum Erection Device



The Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection Device (VED) helps restore sexual function and helps treat erectile dysfunction in 90% of impotent men. Vacuum Therapy using the Encore Deluxe is a non-invasive and low cost alternative to chemical and surgical procedures that treat impotence. Using a vacuum erection device has a relatively high probability of producing a successful erection, making it an ideal solution for impotence. Using the Encore Deluxe, penile rigidity can be maintained for as much as thirty minutes.

Encore Deluxe ED System Components

  1. Battery ED Pump.
  2. Manual Vacuum ED Pump that twists unto penile tube (cylinder) for easy one hand operation.
  3. Cylinder and Adapter.
  4. 7 Rings, assorted sizes to ensure the right fit. More than any other system on the market.
  5. Ring Loading Applicator.
  6. Body Shield
  7. Triad Lubricant, 4 ounces.
  8. DVD Video, Training.
  9. Instruction Manual.
  10. Carrying Case, stylish and discreet.


Encore Vacuum Pump is one of the most commonly prescribed, best accepted treatments for impotence.

  • Immediate results.
  • No surgery required.
  • Non-chemical drug-free treatment.
  • No major side effects.
  • Device is simple to use.
  • 5 Year warranty on pump and tube.


Encore ED System Features & Benefits

  • Battery or manual operation.
  • Simple to use.
  • Comfortable grip handle.
  • Easy to understand instruction booklet.
  • Patented ring ejector.
  • Toll-free technical support line.
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17 Reviews

  • 4
    vacuum erection system

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2020

    Definitely helps, worth the money for sure!

  • 4
    Encore penis pump

    Posted by George Muroki on 7th Mar 2020

    I just had a prostate surgery 1 year ago and the doctor prescribed this pump, the first one did not last long so I ordered this one and it’s doing a good job. The idea is to address penile atrophy and I am winning!

  • 5
    been using this system 5 years. Works great. I suspect there is some colusion going on with these people hawking the Osbon. The Osbon cost $349.00 as opposed to $122.00for the Encore.

    Posted by W.E. on 17th Jan 2019

    I suspect there is some collusion going on with these people hawking the Osbon. The Osbon cost $349.00 as opposed to $122.00 for the Encore. I get a very firm erection with the Encore....that is really all one can ecpect. Very easy to use!!!

  • 4
    Performs Well.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Feb 2018

    I found the instructions easy to follow, but after a call to customer service to clarify a technique everything worked fine. The system performed well, although the hand pump performed better.

  • 1
    Piece of Crap

    Posted by Tommy Spencer on 4th Dec 2015

    This product looks like a toy from an adult store compared to Osbon Erecaid systems. Encore Revive Premium systems are the cheapest products on the market. I will never buy this system or anything from Encore again.

  • 1
    Low end Cheap device

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2013

    You get what you pay for I would not recommend this pump. I have an Osbon erecaid system now and it is night and day difference in quality and functionality

  • 4
    More reliable than pills

    Posted by Unknown on 31st May 2013

    Purchased the beginning of April. Works,is more reliable than Viagra. The assortment of tension rings is helpful, I find that I need different sizes on different occasions. Issues:

  • 4
    New to pumps; Battery operation

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Mar 2013

    I have never had to use one of these devices before but I found the instructions and little video very helpful and actually it is simple enough device one can figure out all the components fairly easily. It works very well and I have found it does the job. I did find however the battery operated vacuum pump is not the best design and does create quite a few operational reliability but the mechanical hand pump does well.

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