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Encore Erect-Pro Plus Revive Premium Manual & Battery Vacuum Erection Device System Kit

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  • Encore Erect-Pro Plus Revive Premium Manual & Battery Vacuum Erection Device System Kit
  • Encore Erect-Pro Plus Revive Premium Manual & Battery Vacuum Erection Device System Kit
  • Encore Erect-Pro Plus Revive Premium Manual & Battery Vacuum Erection Device System Kit
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The Erec-Pro Plus System from Reach Medical features a New, Unique Design making it the most Advanced and Effective Vacuum Therapy System Available. The System has a success rate of OVER 95% and with NO SIDE EFFECTS.


Erectile Dysfunction is Epidemic with over 30 million cases in the U.S. alone. Estimates are much higher in men with Diabetes and also men who have had Prostate Cancer Surgery.

 Here are the primary causes for Erectile Dysfunction (ED):

  • Prostate Cancer Surgery(Radical Prostatectomy, Radiation & HIFU)
  • Diabetes
  • Medications
  • Vascular Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Aging Process
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Anxiety

There is Hope. Erect-Pro Plus is the only treatment that is OVER 95% EFFECTIVE regardless of why you are impotent and will restore your ability to enjoy sex again with the one you love. 

Erect-Pro Plus works by creating a gentle vacuum that creates the necessary bloodflow for an erection. It works in minutes with NO SIDE EFFECTS. Erect-Pro Plus is so effective and easy to use you will wonder why you didn't try it years ago. If you have tried other treatment methods in the past without success, the Erect-Pro Plus is the solution you've been looking for. We have counseled and helped over 3 million couples over the years Overcome their ED and get their life back.

You may be skeptical and wonder is this is for "real" or does it really "work"?
Remember, our treatment is not some "new" or "fad" treatment promising "pie-in-the-sky" results. Erect-Pro Plus is one of the four viable treatments used by Urologists worldwide to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED). There are NO CONTRAINDICATIONS, NO SIDE EFFECTS and it's the only treatment modality that offers a success-rate of OVER 95%. 


 Reach Erect-Pro Plus (Manual & Battery)  

System Includes: 

Vacuum Cylinder 

W/ Ring Ejector 

Premium Manual & Battery Pump Heads 

DVD & Manual 

7 Bands 


Body Shield 

Carry Case upgraded with cut out inserts 

5 Year Limited Warranty


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5 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by C on 19th Oct 2021

    Works great and gives me the hard on I have been missing.

  • 5
    Erecaid pump

    Posted by Philip on 18th Aug 2020

    Great product. Easy to assemble and set up instructions are perfect. The bands are comfortable and easy to remove. Created a response that was more than expected. Definitely a one hand operation. Quality product.

  • 5
    Encore Erect-Pro Plus Manual & Battery Operated Vacuum Erection Device

    Posted by Scherencel Rod on 24th Oct 2019

    I am a post-prostatectomy patient. It took me a while to decide on this device after considering all the negative comments declaring that it does not work. I'm convinced that nothing will work as well as a well-functioning prostate, however, with that not being an option this device does work if you are innovative and follow instructions. I did not like the body shield and I did not like the idea of shaving. However, given the two options shaving or cutting pubic hair shorter improves function immensely. I can also attest to not expecting perfect results overnight. Practice helps. I am guessing that every person's situation is different. For me, rebuilding nerves and blood flow simply takes time; but I am satisfied with this health aid.

  • 5
    Works Great !!

    Posted by Charles Forte on 9th Sep 2015

    Best thing I ever did for my sex life. Very easy to use

  • 5
    Works better than any system I've tried

    Posted by Joshua Dodd on 7th Aug 2015

    I've tried several systems including Osbon Erecaid but this was the easiest system to use and works better. Very easy to load and remove tension rings , has plenty of suction and very versatile with a manual and battery system. I've found I like the manual pump head better

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