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ED Treatment Guide

External vacuum erection devices have become easily available for consumers since the FDA no longer requires a prescription from a physician to purchase a penis pump. Originally the device required a prescription when introduced in 1982. Prescription requirements were removed in 1997 when the FDA determined the medical penis pump as safe and highly effective.

Although prescriptions are no longer required, safety and quality issues are addressed by FDA guidelines and enforced by FDA inspectors. A medical device is held to high manufacturing standards. Pumps that are not medical grade may not work properly. They may also pose health risks to users of these products.

Men use erectile dysfunction pumps to avoid health risks or invasive procedures. Some of the benefits of using a medical penis pump may also include:



The Men’s ED Treatment Guide is a resource for Men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. It is intended to supplement information from your physician and assist you through evaluating suitable treatment options. It is general information for men interested in other options when oral medications fail or are contraindicated .  Erectile dysfunction is estimated to affect more than 35 million men in the U.S.  E.D. can be from mild to severe. Men often try different treatment methods to find a satisfactory solution. The key is patience and persistence during your exploration. ErecaidPumps is your liaison to help answer product questions and assist you when evaluating treatment.

There are factors to consider in choosing treatments. Safety is the fist concern and patients should discuss potential risks with their physician.  Other factors include your relationship with your partner, mobility, physiology and your level of comfort with treatment. E.D. is commonly a symptom of  another underlying health condition. It is important to be evaluated by your physician to determine if there are any other issues contributing to the problem. Men sometimes become frustrated when a E.D. treatment method fails. Maintaining a positive outlook and staying proactive in evaluating various options will usually yield an acceptable solution.


Milder forms of E.D. can generally be treated with medications.  Medications can be effective but sometimes cause side effects that are not tolerable.  You may have to try several types to find the best result. L-Arginine supplementation is becoming a popular natural alternative to oral medications for mild ED because of it’s safety profile and other benefits.

A new form of treatment is the handheld male vibratory device intended to provoke erections in men. Developed by a Urologist, the product safely and painlessly stimulates pudendal nerve receptors located on both sides of the penis that initiates an erection.  This may also be prescribed for penile rehabilitation therapy following surgery and use in combination with other methods.

Other options to consider for mild E.D. are urethral suppositories or urethral prostaglandin gel. These treatments involve inserting a suppository or gel into the urethra to deliver medication to the penis.  It will usually cause an erection within 10 minutes.


Venous Leak                    
Some men experience premature loss of erection with or with out other treatment methods. This is often called venous leak, where the veins can not prevent blood from leaving the penis. Many men use an adjustable loop to close the veins and maintain an erection. The penile loop may be used alone or along with other methods including; oral medications, suppositories, injections, urethral gels and vacuum devices.  While relatively safe, you should never wear penis loops or bands over 30 minutes.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
As men age, Testosterone levels naturally decline.  The lost of natural testosterone can affect men’s desire.  While some Physicians say low testosterone may not lead to ED, the lack of desire could cause issues in a relationship. Have your testosterone checked by your physician to find out if Hormone Replacement Therapy is appropriate for you. Treatment can be transdermal, injections or implanted testosterone pellets.



Moderate to Severe E.D. often requires more aggressive treatment options; injections, vacuum erection devices ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION VACUUM ERECTION PUMPS, combination therapy or even surgery.

Penile Injection Therapy involves injecting a medication directly into the penis to evoke an erection. Most physicians test and train men to ensure safety and efficacy.  Erections usually occur within ten minutes.

A Vacuum Erection Device works by delivering blood flow to the penis to cause an erection through the use of negative pressure.  The erection is maintained by placing a specially designed tension band around the base of the penis. The band may be worn as long as, but should not exceed thirty minutes.  Vacuum Erection Devices are commonly used in combination with other therapies like oral medications because of its safety profile and efficacy. Many physicians prescribe VED’s for post prostatectomy penile rehab therapy. Click link to see products for ED After Prostate Surgery ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION VACUUM ERECTION PUMPS

Penile Prosthesis:  
When all other methods have failed or are not satisfactory, your physician may recommend a surgical solution. This involves surgically implanting a prosthesis inside the penis. Many factors are considered before this option is available.  Discuss this with your Physician to see if you are a potential candidate.