EDP Deluxe Manual & Battery System

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New  EDP-Erectile Dysfunction Pump Battery & Manual Operated System

The New EDP-DX Battery & Manual Operated System is the newest design in vacuum erection devices with the most versatility. 

  • The EDP offers 3 ways to use for better customization
  • The only device that offers LED lighting in tube for better visualization
  • New Gentle Flex Technology Blue Ultimate Round Rings makes band transfer more comfortable
  • Variable Power Speed for more control
  • Ergonomic sleek design that makes handling easier

The EDP is a versatile device that makes vacuum therapy sessions easier and provides several user options to find the best application available in any device.

Users can use with a Easy Seal (Provided in Kit) for a lubricant free application or the traditional way with lubricant. The Kit also includes newly designed bands that respond more gently to band transfer or use the penile adjustable loop to vary the tension yourself. The digital LED lights enhance visibility in the cylinder while the pump is running so it is easier to see progress in less light.

Components Include:

Battery Pump                                Manual Pump Head

3 Blue Ultimate Round Rings           Cylinder

Penile Adjustable Loop                   Lubricant

Easy Seal Size 2 & 3                      AAA Batteries

Band Loading Cone                       User Manual

* Components subject to change without notice


Read all included instructions before using.


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