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PTV Automatic 2000

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  • PTV Automatic 2000
  • PTV Automatic 2000
  • PTV Automatic 2000
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System Components: 2-cell battery pump head with safety release valve. cylinder. loading cone. 4 Ultimate tension rings. 2 bushings. 4 oz lubricant. zippered case. 2 AA batteries


In accordance with FDA regulations, the PTV pump head has both internal and external safety release valves designed to prevent injury. The internal release valve automatically activates if the vacuum has created too much pressure. The user can activate the external safety release valve by pressing a red button on the pump head. This Pos-T-Vac system has passed rigorous safety tests and has been FDA-approved for marketing in the United States. 

This Pos-T-Vac Battery Pump System has an upstanding reputation for both its effectiveness and its ease of use. Its battery operated pump offers simple, push-button operation that does all of the work for you. In fact, Pos-T-Vac cites studies that rate this pump system as being over 98% effective. In addition to its automatic pumping, Pos-T-Vac includes a number of design features with this system that make it extra user friendly.

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