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Encore Erection Tension Rings

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  • Encore Erection Tension Rings
  • Encore Erection Tension Rings
  • Encore Erection Tension Rings
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Silicone Bands are Latex Free and have loops on the sides for an easier grip.
They are generally more comfortable than standard bands. Latex Free.
Size 3 is the smallest and Size 9 is the largest.

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14 Reviews

  • 5

    Like The Feel of this Product!

    Posted by Stephen L. on 10th Aug 2016

    I've used these rings for years. I had prostate surgery 11 yrs ago. Without these rings there would be no hope! Natural erections are a thing of the past. The Dr. got the cancer though! Thanks to Erecaid and it's system, it's given me a new life. The new Silicone Rings work better (great erections and erections maintain longer and are easier to remove after sex, than the Osborn Rings or bands. I Just received them, will have to see how they wear! The price is very high, but they work. Will see

  • 4

    Bigger & Thicker Lasting Erections

    Posted by Richard B on 10th Feb 2016

    Use of these rings is addictive! Work fine. They can be used after pumping or simply on their own to give you a super hard, longer, thicker erection. Seriously bigger. The feeling is wonderful for yourself and your partner. If you're like me, you'll want to build up the time you can wear it. Easy enough to stretch out to put on and a quick "snap" and it's off. Alternating sizes works for me. Experiment using both smaller and larger sizes. The smaller, tighter sizes will give you the hardest erections, but can't be left on for too long, whereas a larger size (which still maintains a fine erection) can be comfortably left on for significantly longer periods of time.

  • 5

    Keep it up longer

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2014

    Yes it work to keep it up longer at my age is 70 with the size #4. She like it too.

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    Comfortable but effective

    Posted by Dembirds on 17th Jun 2013

    Given my health situation (RP) I don't need the special geometry of the OEM rings. I had to guess on the size so I choose 5 figuring its "avarage" as I am - good guess....some guidance on sizing would be good. These rings don't work well with the tool to expand the original rings - you can just strech them over the tooling rather than pushing down.

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    Works just like Erecaid Bands but lower priced

    Posted by Jerry on 4th Mar 2013

    Bands work great!! Erecaid Bands are expensive and keep breaking when I use them. These bands replaced the Erecaid bands and work just as well and last much longer

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