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ED can sometimes require trying multiple treatment options to find one that is satisfactory

Erectile dysfunction is estimated to affect more than 35 million men in the U.S. E.D. can be from mild to severe. Men often try different treatment methods to find a satisfactory solution. The key is patience and persistence during your exploration. The men’s guide purpose is to present information on options to pursue with your Doctor.

There are factors to consider in choosing treatments. Safety is the fist concern and patients should discuss all risks associated with their physician. Other factors include your relationship with your partner, mobility, physiology and your level of comfort with treatment. E.D. is commonly a symptom of another underlying health condition. It is important to be evaluated by your physician to determine what maybe contributing to the problem and seek treatment. Men sometimes become frustrated when a E.D. treatment method fails. Maintaining a positive outlook and staying proactive in evaluating various options will usually yield an acceptable solution. 

30th Jul 2018 B Walker

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