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Peyronie´s disease Extender

Andropeyronie® is a penile traction device to treat the Peyronie´s disease. It is clinically tested and FDA approved.



Andropeyronie® is a medical device specifically designed to aid with bent or curved penis. It helps reducing natural penile curvatures or curvatures caused by Peyronie’s disease or injury. At the same time it induces the growth of penis in length and girth.

When this device is used constantly and the user is dedicated, the penis curvature correction can be improved. Furthermore, Andropeyronie® induces growth of the penis thanks to the natural response of the tissue to traction which causes the division of cells in the penis (JSM).




1 Andropeyronie + 1 Androcomfort kit + 1 Androrods kit = 1 Extender + 1 ANDROSUPPORT (for Peyronie´s disease) + 31 Androrod + 6 Androcomfort + 6 Androsilicone + 6 Androtop-comfort + 6 Androtop-silicone + 6 Androring + 1 Androruler + 1 Androbag + 1 Sexual Heath ebook + Instructions booklet



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